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Layoff Support

Laying off a member of your staff is always a difficult task that must be handled carefully.
It has consequences both for the laid off employee and those who stay on the job.

  • Loss of one's self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Loss of one's professional identity and work-based social network
  • Remaining employees may be experiencing role overload
  • A climate of mistrust settles within the company

If dismissal is your only option, our layoff support service will allow you to:

  • Reassure the individual of their value; provide support and maintain employees' performance skills
  • Provide career transition services to departing employees
  • Avoid conflict and maintain good relationship with employees
  • Motivate and value layoff survivors

Our Services
  • Outplacement services for laid off individuals
  • Support in the job-loss grief process
  • Individual or group career counseling, advising and traing in all aspects of job searching and career transition
  • Identify and profile individual's skills, knowledge, experience, training and personal qualities
  • Resume writing
  • Job-search coaching including interview preparation
  • Career guidance and skills inventory assessment
  • Psychological support
  • Support for managers and supervisors